Ben Wells –                  DAD Sales
Tara Ternes -                AEA
Tom Logan -                 ILSCO
Landon Jones -            Optics Lighting
Gaylene Ouchar -         Nedco
David Van Dalfsen -      EECOL Electric
Kyle Wooley-                Shermco
Ian McGuinness-          Thomas & Betts          


Ehren Ackerman-         Westburne
Cooper Zappacosta-     Leviton
Jason Hicks-                 EATON
Reid Fraser-                 Chubb Edwards
Brett Holmberg-           Optics Lighting


These events do not happen without a great group of people, so please thank them when you have a chance.

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Board of Directors 2017

The Capital Region Electric Club is to promote fellowship and networking through all facets of the Electrical Industry and raise money for Scholarships and Bursaries for the education of upcoming members in Northern Alberta. CREC is open to everyone in the industry:  Electrical Contractors, Engineers, Manufacturers, Reps, Distributors, Utility, Inspectors, etc. We encourage everyone in or related to our industry to join. 

What We Offer

1-800-642-5508 or

Capital Region Electric Club

CREC - Capital Region Electric Club

Your Membership will enable you to receive discounts at all our events throughout the year and will contribute to our scholarship funds. We will also announce additional activities as they are approved